Quotas and formation for individuals

Cuotas y formación para particulares
Partners and formation

If Unit is an individual, and wishes to have covered a legal advice in labour matter, offer him the ANNUAL coverage by a price of 65 euros. By means of the payment of the annual quota, Unit and his COUPLE that coexist together, will have right to the labour advice, making all the surgeries that consider necessary, via email or face-to-face in our dispatch with concerted visit, for the surgeries that require of a more technical studio or complex.


If Unit is employer or particular and wishes to purchase general knowledges of the administration of personnel, that comports notions of the labour right, contracting, preparation of payrolls, liquidations of social insurances, objective extinction and disciplinary dismissal, system Net, Delt@ and Contrat@, can concertar the realisation of the course according to the calendar established by the dispatch.

The aim of the course is that the students assistants, learn to interpret and make a leaf of salaries, as well as the back liquidations that generate to the social security and to the public property, also goes headed to people that want to recycle his knowledges, habida counts of the constant changes and trascendentes of our labour legislation.
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