Selection of personnel

Selección de personal
We choose to the best candidate for you
The constant growth of the dispatch and of the needs of the society, has spent us to the enlargement and improvement of our services. It has created this service of selection of personnel, oriented and specialised in capturing people that gather the requirements requested by our clients.

As it exists a big demand in the services of cares and personal attention, this dispatch has specialised in this area, selected people to loan services of attention to main people, taken care of boys, domestic service, cleansing, wash and ironed, preparation of lunches etc.

The people interested can send his curriculum vitae to this dispatch, including references, a recent photograph, available schedule and a telephone of contact.

If Unit is a person interested in hiring a service of the specified previously, contact with our dispatch, without any commitment,  we will commission us to select him the ideal person, that gather the necessary requirements to cover his needs.
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