What can expect of the accounting in the year 2016

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Qué podemos esperar de la contabilidad en el año 2016 Although all the world knows what is the accounting, few are those that are conscious of the importance that has inside the companies.

In a lot of occasions when to the employers of the SMEs (that they represent 99% of the companies in Spain),managers last of the accounting (art. 25 of the Code of Trade),ask after them the same, comment you how goes his company or how goes his business. Sometimes they expose you his margins and even can speak of how evolves his Ebitda, without knowing at least what is this term or as it generates . Only they know that it is important.

But the accounting is the own company. It does not go to generate income to the employer neither goes to achieve a better result in his closings. But without accounting there is not company. If you do not spend a correct and orderly accounting, can not work. And it is thus that has to him give the importance that has, and demand to the employers a suitable and responsible knowledge of the accounting, for his own subsistence.

That has to be the challenge of the accounting in the future: achieve that the employers, know really how works his company and no only that they know his business. It is important that when his agent, his consulting or even his own financial department present him an account of results or a balance, have clear how has formed , which consequences has a determinate decision that adopt in his business and even that fiscal repercussions can have if it opts by a determinate countable criterion or another. At the end, big projects can break by a basic ignorance: the countable appearance of the companies.

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