The four big bet by the consulting to develop his business

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Las cuatro grandes apuestan por la consultoría para desarrollar su negocio The bylines of professional services has been one of the most prejudiced sectors by the crisis.

Among the battle of prices and the distrust generated, now have to struggle each day a battle to obtain more profits that the competition. In this sense, have left to centre fully in the audit of accounts and have gone opening market in other lines of business. Like this, among the four big bylines (Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG) has been able to observe in the last years a big bet by the consulting.

In fact, this impulse to this area of business has materialised in new acquisitions to improve his growth. Without going more far, in the last six months, the British division of the byline KPMG has completed two shopping.

The first was the byline of ciberseguridad Qubera, that completed the past month of October. The amount of the operation was not desvelado by the company of services

Professionals. The second was completed to finals of February and treats of Crimsonwing, a skilled byline in technology IT and in e-commerce. The amount of the operation was of 18,5 million pounds (25,2million euros). But no only this, this division of KPMG also is posing make other two acquisitions in United Kingdom. On the one hand, it would treat of a consulting that is expert in analysing the behaviour of the consumer and, by another, pretend to close a "potential business" -as the partner of consulting in United Kingdom, Richard Fleming- with a technological business with headquarters in Shoreditch, to the east of London.

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